Caring Café

My daughter spent yesterday evening fiddling around with an origami book and a stash of gorgeous paper squares, so she was tickled pink when we arrived at the Caritas Community Café in Town this morning to discover their perfect display of delicately folded paper cranes in the window.

It’s a wonderful community initiative, run by volunteers, and the inclusive welcome those people provide is heartwarming.  We’ve always been made to feel at home. The food and drinks are home-cooked and very good value (my coffee and three hot chocolates came to £5), and the philosophy is that, if you can, you pay a bit extra to pay ahead for someone less fortunate than you.  Continue reading

Mini obsession

IMG_3815It’s pouring with rain outside, so it’s a perfect time for some West Show prep. My 8 year old is planning a mini fairy garden and I’ll admit that I’ve become a little obsessed with all things tiny. It’s actually very therapeutic. We’ve been collecting mini windfalls, got thimbles from the Red Cross, bought a couple of things from Oatlands craft shop and have been debating whether to actually plant some grass seed (I think not).

I’ve just found our little Goodness Gang seed pots from the Co-op which would be great in a mini garden; I’m just hoping they will germinate as we’re a bit late with it!  Cress ought to be safe.

Right now, my daughter’s Fimo toadstools are baking away in the oven.

It’s Showtime!

It’s that time of year when this lovely old-fashioned booklet starts appearing in every (properly) local shop and veg stall.  Two came home in book bags.  It’s West Show time!

Now, I’m a relative newbie to this scene; I’m imported from the UK, for a start, and we’ve only lived ‘out west’ for the last five years, so we’re pretty insignificant in this neck of the woods.

Let’s be clear.  The West Show is a BIG DEAL.  It’s also a whole lot of fun.  The summer holidays just wouldn’t be the same without it, and I’m proud to have taken part in our own little way since the kids have been at the local school. Continue reading