Going palm oil-free?

I’m sure many of you saw this moving and thought-provoking ad from Iceland over Christmas – not on TV, as it was deemed ‘too political’, but on social media. Here’s the YouTube link:


I applaud Iceland for being the first UK supermarket to take a stance in this way – their own-brand products now contain no palm oil – and this fact has certainly encouraged me to shop there.

It’s made me think carefully about avoiding palm oil where we can. So, at the busiest time of year for our family in terms of grocery shopping (and pretty much everything else), I’ve also been scrutinising ingredients labels on the food we’re needing to buy.

In my experience, products such as biscuits, crackers and cakes are major culprits and whilst the best way of avoiding palm oil is to bake these things from scratch, we don’t all have the time. So, choosing ‘all-butter’ varieties such as shortbread and butter biscuits is a helpful step.

Shopping at Alliance and Morrisons, I found some good snacky options:

And whenever we’re in France, we stock up on this brand of palm oil-free choc hazelnut spread.… But Nutella’s palm oil is at least sustainable, according to their website:https://lets-talk-quality.nutella.com/en/sustainable-palm-oil-nutella

It takes a bit of time and effort, and a brief search on the internet for brands which are palm oil-free was a help. I found this little list of brands which use sustainable palm oil, and thought you might find it helpful too:


I’d love to hear about your own efforts to go palm oil-free in Guernsey… And I haven’t even started looking at things such as shampoos and conditioners, which can also be palm oil offenders. Have you?