Caring Café

My daughter spent yesterday evening fiddling around with an origami book and a stash of gorgeous paper squares, so she was tickled pink when we arrived at the Caritas Community Café in Town this morning to discover their perfect display of delicately folded paper cranes in the window.

It’s a wonderful community initiative, run by volunteers, and the inclusive welcome those people provide is heartwarming.  We’ve always been made to feel at home. The food and drinks are home-cooked and very good value (my coffee and three hot chocolates came to £5), and the philosophy is that, if you can, you pay a bit extra to pay ahead for someone less fortunate than you.  Continue reading

Ice cream at Icart

It was a pretty good day on Saturday, and the kids and dog were on form so we headed to the car park at Icart for a pretty walk along the cliffs (and back again) with the promise of a delicious ice cream at the end.

This was the view we were rewarded with.

The wildflowers are stunning at this time of year – my littlest one was swamped by them. Not too many nettles, though, and he didn’t complain once. There are plenty of benches dotted along the cliff if you need them.

The tea room at Icart is legendary. It’s an unassuming place with no website or anything, and the well-used picnic tables are slowly getting engulfed in the shrubbery and towering echiums, but this all adds to its charm. We found a little private spot to enjoy with the worn-out pooch, after we’d chosen from the HUGE choice of ice creams lovingly handmade by the tea room’s chatty owner. I had raspberry and coconut, btw, and my littlest one was offered a ‘special’ small version of his fave, strawberry.