Mealtime Mission

I love cooking but find family mealtimes can be exasperating and exhausting. If I didn’t have three fussy what-nots to appease each day, I’d be a whole lot more adventurous. It’s very soul-destroying to labour over something to have your offspring pick and sneer at it, even if I know you’re supposed to put new things in front of them 28 times, (or whatever), before they try it. As if.

Oh well, New Year, new optimism. From time-to-time I try dishes where gurus such as Annabel Karmel swear they’ve ‘never met a child who doesn’t like it.’ Well, that’s a load of rubbish too. But there’s also a thinking that the more the kids get involved in the kitchen, the more likely they are to try new things.

So, on that note, my 10-year-old received a lovely book for her birthday, Nadiya Hussein’s  Bake Me a Festive Story, which, like Nadiya, is charming and down-to-earth. It’s peppered with interesting little illustrations, stories and recipes ranging from the simple to the more demanding. My daughter, who likes a bit of a challenge, wants to cook the Festive Nut Roast BY HERSELF.

Although it’s vegetarian, this also kills another bird, so-to-speak, as I’m on a mission to use up our Christmas surplus, and it’s ticking that box nicely. My sons, who both love nuts, have already turned their noses up at the concept. I’ll let you know.

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