Douit-ing it with rafts

If you’re new to Guernsey, you might not (yet) know that streams are called ‘Douits’ around here. I understand that ‘out-west’ you pronounce the ‘t’ and ‘up-north’ you don’t. This morning I had the privilege of accompanying my daughter’s class on a beautiful walk out to a sizeable douit down from the Reservoir in St Saviour’s, where they tested and raced their handmade rafts for a school project.

Despite being reasonably outdoorsy, and having been in the island for 19 years, I’m ashamed to say we’ve never discovered this stream ourselves, but we’ll definitely be coming back. I like to think I know about how to play Pooh Sticks, as Pooh Bridge is (literally) in my neck of the English woods, but this little stream makes a great Guernsey version. There’s even a little bridge at the end where you can sit and wait to catch your raft/stick/child coming through.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. By the end of the time, the children had all named their creations and some of them had decorated them with (weedy but beautiful) flowers and fragrant rosemary growing along the mini-towpath. Adorable.

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